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Contact data
Hargassner Ges mbH
Anton-Hargassner-Str. 1
A-4952 Weng
Contact person
Anton Hofer
Marketing and product management
Company information
Company type :
Manufacturer in Upper Austria
Founding year:
Export rate:
79 %
Products & services

Production and sales of

- Pellet boilers (6 - 330 kW), in cascade 2 MW

- Wood chip boilers (20 - 330 kW), in cascade 2 MW

- Log wood boilers (20 - 110 kW)

- Industrial heating up to 2500 kW

- Combi boiler

- Combined heat and power

- Storage systems

- Heating modules

- Warm air container

- Storage filling systems

- Control and regulation technology

- Solar collectors

- Various accessories


Hargassner: product range extension

Cluster-News: July 2018

The wood log boiler Neo-HV is the further development of Hargassner’s 1/2M gasifier HV. The unit’s new design includes a tiltable display. Optimised combustion processes allow good processing of diverse types of wood and humidity levels and reduce emissions to a minimum. The integrated draught fan with EC-motor allows electricity savings. A premium version is also available (stainless steel, automatic ceramic ignition and LED lighting in the filling chamber). The Nano-PK series is also available as Nano-PK PLUS (including condensing technology).

Hargassner: "EnergieGenie" prize for 80 kW CHP & series start for Nano-PK (20-32 kW)

Cluster-News: January 2018

Hargassner's CHP with 60 kW of heat and 20 kW of electricity was awarded the "EnergieGenie" prize. This product is suitable for medium output range. Other innovations include the extension of the company's pellet product line Nano-PK from 20-32 kW. The Nano-PK can also be transformed into a combi boiler through combination with a log wood heating unit. The wood chip series Eco-HK was also expanded with a boiler of up to 330 kW. With cascade connection, this product can cover a demand of up to 2 MW.


New products from Hargassner

Cluster-News: November 2015

Hargassner now offers its Nano-PK pellet boiler with a capacity of 15 kW. Advantages of this boiler include: small space requirement, low installation costs and a good price-performance ratio. The wood chip boiler Eco-HK and the pellet boiler Eco-PK with a capacity range of 150-200 kW also make their debut in the company's product portfolio. Both systems can be operated very efficiently owing to their energy-saving ignition system (2 x 300 watt) and an efficiency of over 95 %.


EnergieGenie prize for Hargassner’s Nano-PK 6-12 kW

Cluster-News: May 2015

The new Nano-PK pellet boiler from Hargassner is characterised by its compact design (boiler and storage space require not more than 7 m2), low electricity consumption and minimal installation costs. It is also equipped with established features, such as a low temperature boiler, a fully refractory-lined combustion chamber and touch display controls.


Hargassner: new wood chip heating system "ECO-HK"

Cluster-News: May 2014

Hargassner presents its high-efficiency "ECO HK" wood chip boiler. This model features the new "ECO-Control" combustion technology and a new double rotary step grate. The term "ECO-Control" stands for the combination of a lambda sensor with fuel quality detection, a new combustion chamber geometry and the presence of sensors that monitor the combustion.


OEC biomass boiler manufacturers at the "North East Biomass Heating Expo" (USA)

Cluster-News: May 2014

The OEC and four biomass boiler manufacturers from the Oekoenergie-Cluster (Fröling, Hargassner, ÖkoFEN and Windhager) were present at the important conference/expo "North East Biomass Heating Expo" in Portland/Maine. They presented their products at the expo and are interested in the New England market with its significant potential for modern automatic biomass heating systems. Christiane Egger from the OEC team was invited as a keynote speaker for the conference.


Hargassner: breaking ground for new logistic center

Cluster-News: January 2014

A new 6,300 m² logistic centre is being built on the Hargassner site in Weng for a total investment of 5 million Euro. This extension will bring the company’s overall floor area to 25,000 m². The new logistic centre will manage the entire domestic and international shipping. It will also offer space for 3,000 pallets, 7 truck docks, a transhipment warehouse where 20 trucks can be loaded simultaneously and 900 m² of storage area for exhibition and promotional material.


Hargassner: Innovation Award for ECO HK 20 - 55

Cluster-News: July 2013

The wood chip heating system ECO HK 20 - 55 by Hargassner has received the innovation award "Energie Genie 2013". Special features are the high-efficiency engines and drives which reduce electricity consumption up to 75 %. A new grate system, the "crushing grate in steps", is suitable for different fuels. A firebed level control with optimal secondary air supply causes very low dust and exhaust gas values.


A Hargassner boiler for Tokyo

Cluster-News: January 2012

Hargassner sold its first wood chip heating boiler to Japan. The 100 kW boiler heats a sports facility in a park in the Tokyo district of Shinagawa and is combined with a solar biomass drying facility. Hargassner exports more than 60 % of their products to more than 20 countries worldwide. Most important export markets for Hargassner are Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland, but also include for example New Zealand.


Hargassner: Opening of a new production hall an 25th company anniversary

Cluster-News: October 2010

  • The biomass boiler manufacturer Hargassner celebrated its 25th anniversary and inaugurated a new production hall.
  • The company has a large showroom where all its biomass boilers (from 9 to 200 kW) are displayed.
  • The open days attracted several thousands of visitors who were interested to see the show dedicated to the motto "from farmer to energy entrepreneur".

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