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BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies

Contact data
BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies
Inffeldgasse 21b
A-8010 Graz
Contact person
DI Dr. Walter Haslinger
Managing Director
Mag. Dr. Roman Schmid
Managing Director
Company information
Company type :
Research and educational institution
Founding year:
Turnover (in Euro):
Export rate:
15,67 %
Products & services

- research and development, engineering

- training and network activities (biomass fuels, biomass combustion and CHP, biomass gasification, biogas, biofuels, modelling and simulation)

Locations in Graz, Wieselburg and Guessing

BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies
BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies

Bioenergy 2020+: new test method for firewood stoves

Cluster-News: July 2018

A new test method for firewood stoves enables the practical evaluation of efficiency and emissions levels. In the future, manufacturers will be able to develop and optimise their devices even more effectively. Upon purchase, end customers will receive detailed information on emissions and efficiency levels during operation. In the long term, these project results could also be incorporated into the development of standards for firewood stoves.

BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies

Bioenergy 2020+: wood as raw material for the chemical industry

Cluster-News: July 2018

Bioenergy 2020+ concludes a research project on "mixed alcohol synthesis" with an international consortium. In this project, a laboratory-scale pilot plant for the conversion of wood gas to alcohols was operated with real wood gas.  This resulted in a mixture of different alcohols used, above all, in the chemical industry or as fuel.

BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies

Energieinstitut an der JKU: ModiSys Power

Cluster-News: November 2016

The research project "ModiSys Power" aims at the development and evaluation of a high-performance micro-CHP with thermogenerators for biomass boilers that can be installed or retrofitted with minor adjustments. Te+, BIOENERGY 2020+, the Institute of Experimental Physics of the JKU and the Energieinstitut an der JKU are working together on the design of a heating system consisting of a biomass boiler and thermoelectric generators/heat exchangers.

BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies

Bioenergy 2020+: Independence from fossil fuels

Cluster-News: November 2016

For years, Bioenergy 2020+ has been conducting research and development on the production of diesel and kerosene from wood at its site in Güssing. In a new project, a pilot plant will be built with the goal of improving the economic feasibility of biofuel production. The plant will produce 1 barrel/day (159 litres/day) and will serve as a step towards scaling-up and transferring knowledge from the laboratory to the industrial scale.

BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies

Bioenergy 2020+: Project "SAM"

Cluster-News: July 2013

In the project "SAM", Bioenergy 2020+ and other scientific partners work on the synergies of the cultivation of microalgae and the cleaning of different sewages. After the end of the project, further research and development on basis of these results should lead to the development of technologies which unify the treatment of sewages and the energetic and the substantial use of microalgae.

BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies

Bioenergy 2020+: Test method to rate boiler efficiency

Cluster-News: December 2012

Bioenergy 2020+ is a research institute and biomass competence centre. Their newly developed test is able to rate the annual use efficiency and annual emission factors for small-scale biomass boilers. This reference method allows to differentiate between different boilers and to compare different equipment. Also it is a cost-effective method to detect realistic efficiency factors and rate boiler effiency.

BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies

Bioenergy 2020+ goes Europe

Cluster-News: July 2012

Currently, BIOENERGY 2020+ coordinates four European projects and is a project partner in two others. The projects focus on clean combustion of smaller biomass systems (BioCAT), the development of a test for the ash melting point of wood pellets (AshMelT), the safety and quality assurance measures during the pellet supply (SafePellets) and cost-effective biomass boilers with highest efficiency and lowest emissions (BioMaxEff). In 2011, 100 % of the proposals coordinated by Bioenergy 2020+ were approved.

BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies
Energiesparverband OÖ
Landstrasse 45
​​​​​​​A-4020 Linz, Austria

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+43 732 / 7720-14380

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