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- Pellet boilers (2,9 - 60 kW, cascades up to 240kW)

- Wood chip boilers (7,2 - 60 kW, cascades up to 240 kW)

- Pellet stoves for central heating systems (3,8 - 12 kW)

- Log wood boilers (9,7 - 50 kW)

- Solar collectors

- Storage systems

- Control systems

- Heat pumps

- Heat pumps-hybrid heating


Windhager: extension of the biomass product range

Cluster-News: July 2018

Windhager now offers its pellet boiler "BioWIN2 Touch" with condensing technology. The new BioWIN2Plus is up to 15 % more efficient. As of autumn 2018, it is available in four output sizes ranging from 10 to 28 kW. At the same time, Windhager will start offering its PuroWIN model with outputs of 72, 83, 99 and 103 kW for buildings with a higher heat demand. All boilers can be operated with wood chips as well as with pellets and can be installed in cascades of up to four units.

Windhager Germany with a new location

Cluster-News: July 2018

The new Windhager headquarters in Gersthofen offers generous consulting and training facilities in modern architecture. Windhager thus sets the course for further growth in the German heating market. In the company’s expert rounds event series, biomass installers can gain know-how from their peers. So far, around 100 companies have participated in these product and brand neutral events.


Windhager: "EnergieGenie" for wood chip boilers PuroWIN & novel container solution

Cluster-News: January 2018

Windhager received its "EnergieGenie" award for its wood chip gasifier PuroWIN. Thanks to innovative gasifying technology, the boiler generates hardly any measurable dust emissions, even without the use of a dust collector. The PuroWIN can draw fuel from up to 25 meters away and 7 meters upwards. In addition, it has very low electricity consumption. Windhager also now offers container solutions that enclose the heating system and fuel storage. It is particularly suitable for guest houses, public buildings or multi-family homes.


Windhager: PuroWin wood chip boiler and new logo

Cluster-News: November 2016

Windhager introduces the woodchip boiler PuroWin. The boiler burns wood chips so cleanly that the dust values are hardly measurable. The PuroWin can also suck the solid fuel from up to 25 metres distance and 7 metres vertically. The ember bed can be maintained for up to four days without additional fuel or air supply. During this time, it can light back up by itself and saves up to 90% ignition energy.
Windhager is introducing its new look, new logo, new exhibition stand and a new boiler design.


Windhager merges its production sites

Cluster-News: November 2015

The boiler manufacturer Windhager consolidates its two production sites in Seekirchen. The manufacturing site in Seekirchen/Zaisberg will be expanded and modernised. At the production site in Seekirchen/Ort, apartments will be built on the freed-up area. This consolidation permits Windhager to continue manufacturing its boiler to 100 % in Austria. Furthermore, Windhager now offers an online tool for creating the newly-required energy performance label for heating systems, both for individual products as well as combined systems with several heat sources.


EnergieGenie: DuoWIN hybrid boiler from Windhager

Cluster-News: May 2015

The DuoWIN is a hybrid boiler for heating with a combination of logs and pellets. It has two independent heat exchangers, each tailored to its particular fuel. Unlike conventional combination boilers, simultaneous heating of the unit and buffer tank is no longer required. The unit is up to 25 % more efficient than conventional combination boilers.


Windhager opens its new interactive showroom

Cluster-News: May 2015

Windhager inaugurated its revamped headquarter in Seekirchen with a large celebration and around 600 guests. Over 1 million Euro and 5,000 hours were invested to modernise the building’s façade and extend and transform the showroom into an interactive exhibition on space heating. The entire range of Windhager products as well as a presentation and training room for up to 50 people have been built. 


Windhager: easy-assembly kit for pellet storage

Cluster-News: May 2014

Windhager offers a modular steel slanted floor kit for pellet storage. The system consists of three basic elements, a vertical support and two different cover plates and can be installed and tailor-inclined for a variety of pellet storage room situations. The slanted floors can be used for storage room heights of up to 3 metres. The pellet suction hoses are pre-cut, which allows for rapid connection with the pellet transport system.


OEC biomass boiler manufacturers at the "North East Biomass Heating Expo" (USA)

Cluster-News: May 2014

The OEC and four biomass boiler manufacturers from the Oekoenergie-Cluster (Fröling, Hargassner, ÖkoFEN and Windhager) were present at the important conference/expo "North East Biomass Heating Expo" in Portland/Maine. They presented their products at the expo and are interested in the New England market with its significant potential for modern automatic biomass heating systems. Christiane Egger from the OEC team was invited as a keynote speaker for the conference.


Windhager: "1-probe-solution"

Cluster-News: July 2013

Windhager completes its range of pellet storage and transport solutions with a "1-probe-system" for small pellet storage requirements. Depending on the size and model, 1 - 8 probes can be implemented. In most cases, no inclined surfaces are necessary. The new brochure "Pellet storage solutions" by Windhager gives an overview of all systems, the functions and application possibilities.


Windhager in the UK, USA and Canada

Cluster-News: July 2013

After successful market entries in the UK and USA, Windhager plans to start in Canada. Currently, locations for pilot installations are selected to have market-specific on-site experiences for a whole heating period. The new Windhager UK headquarters with about 1,500 m2 was established in Marshfield, with the largest biomass training facility of the country. Windhager UK won the "Micro Power Council Award" for a project in which 23 social buildings in Warwick were switched from fossil fuels to automated pellet heating systems.


Windhager presents new range of heat storage tanks

Cluster-News: January 2012

Windhager, a manufacturer of boilers and storage systems, presents its new range of heat storage tanks. The AccuWIN series comes in different designs:

  • classic heat storage tank AccuWIN (825, 1,000 and 1,500 l)
  • solar heat storage tank AccuWIN Solar (825 and 1,000 l)
  • combined storage with integrated freshwater module AccuWIN Aqua (800 and 1,000 l)

Innovative charging and connecting technologies allow for a more efficient use of solar energy. Additionally, the storage tanks allow for cascade use to increase their performance.


Windhager: Pellet micro burner

Cluster-News: April 2011

Windhager presented a new pellet central heating system with a capacity range of 1.6 to 6 kW. The VarioWIN system with the new pellet micro burner is optimised for the energy requirements of lowest energy and passive homes. Its advantages include high efficiency and combustion quality, fully automatic cleaning, its compactness and flexible set-up possibilities (less than 0.5 m2 set-up area).


Pellet boiler "VarioWin" with flange-mounted balance tank from Windhager

Cluster-News: October 2010

  • The company Windhager is now offering their new pellet boiler series "VarioWin" with a 45 l flange-mounted balance tank.
  • "VarioWin" is a flexible, space saving and inexpensive central heating system fuelled with pellets for the smallest heat demand from 1 kW. The floor space required is 0.44 m2 with a ceiling height of 1,900 mm.
  • The system is a good alternative to heat pumps.


Pellet boiler "VarioWin" from Windhager

Cluster-News: May 2010

Due to its innovative feeding system, the new pellet boiler "VarioWin" can be installed anywhere in the house. The boiler has a very compact design, only needs 0.5 m² space and can be operated independently from the ambient air. It is also possible to combine all hydraulic components into the appliance and therefore presents a very economic solution for heat production in low energy buildings.

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