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Weierfing 68
A-4971 Aurolzmünster
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Dipl. Ing (FH) Klaus Emprechtinger
Head of Sales Energy & Metals
Company information
Company type :
Manufacturer in Upper Austria
Founding year:
ISO 9001
Export rate:
85 %
Products & services

Plant design, engineering and installation of:

- filters (flue gas cleaning)

- radial fans & conveyors

- integrated heat recovery systems


Scheuch: extension of product range

Cluster-News: July 2018

The manufacturer of waste management systems, IPE Produktionsgesellschaft für Entsorgungssysteme, became part of the Scheuch Group at the starting of 2018. IPE offers filter systems, extraction systems and briquetting presses for the woodworking sector. These systems entend the Scheuch LIGNO product range, above all with mobile dust extractors and stationary extraction systems that are modular and flexible where limited space is available.


Scheuch: Deduster system

Cluster-News: November 2016

The DeDust Pro Series from Scheuch offers a solution for the removal of sawdust and similar dusts for handycraft and industry. Continual cleaning of the filter elements during operation is possible with a maximum crude gas volume of 1.2 m³.
Furthermore, key features of the exhaust system SEPAS 8000 include the flexibility of a single-pipe installation, easy adaption in case of modifications or expansion of machinery and its high energy efficiency.
Scheuch has moved its production from Aurolzmünster to Mehrnbach where a surface of 4,260 m² is available.


Scheuch relies on solar power

Cluster-News: November 2015

Scheuch invested in the construction of a PV system at its site in Aurolzmünster. The 2,950 m2 system is installed on the roof of the company's headquarters, has a nominal output of 460 kWp and generates 441,000 kWh of electricity per year – enough to cover more than half of the company's electricity needs.


Construction begins for Scheuch LIGNO in Mehrnbach

Cluster-News: May 2015

The Scheuch group is erecting a new building in Mehrnbach for the newly founded Scheuch LIGNO GmbH. The investment of 8 million Euro will result in a production facility with modern machinery as well as office, service and storage facilities. Scheuch LIGNO offers solutions for extraction, conveying, waste management, heating, surface and control technologies.


Scheuch: high-efficiency SEPAS extraction system for TEAM7

Cluster-News: January 2014

With help and support from OEC partner bero engineering gmbh, TEAM7 has been able to continuously reduce its energy consumption since 2011. At its location in Pram, replacing two wood drying installations with high efficiency vacuum drying chambers has reduced CO2 emissions by 320 tonnes per year. In Ried, new investments in a Scheuch SEPAS-Plus extraction system with two filters and 12 fans will allow dust and shavings to be removed efficiently. This will lead to an almost 300 tonnes annual reduction in CO2 emissions.


Scheuch: Flue gas cleaning for biomass boilers

Cluster-News: December 2012

Scheuch counts on nearly 40 years of experience with extraction and dedusting equipment and the challenges of cleaning exhaust and flue gases. Among their latest innovations are flue gas cleaning systems for biomass-fired plants. The energy recovery and cleaning systems are continuously improved by engineers in cooperation with the sales department to meet customer needs and demands.

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