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Werkstraße 1
A-4451 St. Ulrich/Steyr
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DI Joachim Kalkgruber
Managing Director
Company information
Company type :
Manufacturer in Upper Austria
Founding year:
ISO 9001, Solar Keymark
Export rate:
70 %
Products & services

Production and sales of

- Solar collectors

- Photovoltaics

- Absorbers for swimming pools

- Pellet boilers (4.5 - 70 kW)

- Log wood boilers (18 - 60 kW)

- Combined pellet and log wood boilers (6.3 - 60 kW)

- Combined wood chip and log wood boilers (11.4 - 60 kW)

- Storage systems

- Fresh water Technology

- air heat pump


Solarfocus: new pellet elegance condensing boiler

Cluster-News: July 2018

Solarfocus developed the pelletelegance condensing boiler (10 - 24 kW). The condensing module, a stainless steel heat exchanger located at the rear of the boiler, removes heat from the boiler flue gas until a condensate is generated that can be drained away. Features of this technology include a very high efficiency (up to 104 %), reduced fuel costs and lower emissions. The condensing module is optional and can be installed separately.
In addition, Solarfocus developed the air heat pump vampair. Particular emphasis was placed on low-noise technology and efficiency.


Solarfocus: air heat pumps for the UK

Cluster-News: July 2018

Solarfocus’ "MCS Air Source Heat Pump for Great Britain" was the first project to be accepted for support from the Upper Austrian funding programme "Cleantech Reference Technologies on Export Markets". The goal of the project is the export and first time installation of the newly developed air source heat pump in the UK. 


Solarfocus: "Energy Genius" award for fresh water module

Cluster-News: November 2016

The fresh water module FWMautark from Solarfocus was awarded the "Energy Genius" prize. This product does not require electricity to operate. The generation of hot water is possible due to the pressure in the line and a cold water turbine that is directly connected to the pump. As a result, a constant hot water temperature is achieved even in time of fluctuating volumes of withdrawal and different temperature in the buffer storage.


mySolarfocus - new heating control app

Cluster-News: November 2015

Solarfocus has developed an app that allows remote operation of heating systems via smartphone or tablet. Whether from one's couch or workplace, the app offers a fast and secure connection to the heating system. The app has been kept to the bare essentials in order to assure simple operation and a user-friendly interface. Up to eight heating circuits can be controlled.


Product innovations from Solarfocus

Cluster-News: May 2015

The new pellet boiler pelletelegance (capacity range 10 to 25 kW) can be installed in a corner with two sides against walls thus permitting to save space. Furthermore, up to two heating circuit pumps including hot water loading can be integrated in the boiler, resulting in reduced piping. In the fresh water module FWMautark electrical pumping and control is no longer needed, the production of hot water functions purely with line pressure.


Solarfocus European sales centre in Lorsch/Germany

Cluster-News: May 2015

The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new Solarfocus distribution center in Lorsch took place on 17 September 2014. The new building, which is being erected on the 4,100 m² site, will comprise 1,000 m² for offices and a training centre and 1,000 m² that will serve as warehouse for exhibition material, service parts and spare parts. Once in full operation, 40 employees will be active at this location.


Solarfocus introduces new boilers

Cluster-News: May 2014

The product line of the pellet boiler octoplus, which combines pellet combustion and solar thermal technologies in one unit, has been extended. A 22 kW model and buffer volume of 800 litres are now offered. The pellet boiler pellettop with a capacity of 45 kW is also available now. Due to a very compact design it has the same dimensions as the smaller 35 kW version. The dual fuel boiler therminator for log wood and  wood chips is now also available in a lower capacity range of 30 kW.


Solarfocus: expansion in Austria and Germany

Cluster-News: January 2014

Solarfocus is expanding its facilities and its presence on the market. A new 400 m² production hall and warehouse were constructed in St. Ulrich. Construction work on the existing building is also underway and will offer 200 m² of additional office space. Furthermore, in 2013, a branch of the company was founded in Germany. The central european training centre as well as the service and spare part centre will be located in Lorsch, near Heppenheim.


Solarfocus: biomass boiler series in a new design

Cluster-News: July 2013

Solarfocus offers two innovations in 2013: Firstly, the boiler series therminator II (log wood, pellet, wood chip) was redesigned and is now equipped with the touch screen control "eco manager-touch". Secondly, Solarfocus developed an automatic suction probe switching unit for the pellet storage room. Up to six probes guarantee complete emptying of the storage room independent of the floor plan.


Solarfocus: New pellet boilers

Cluster-News: July 2012

Solarfocus extends the capacity range of its pellet boiler programme. The pellettop boiler is now also available with 35 kW, 49 kW and 70 kW installed capacity. These boilers were presented at Solarfocus' Open Day to the public. The visitors learned about the production of biomass boilers and solar collectors in guided tours. One highlight was the electric company car supplied with electricity from Solarfocus' own PV system.


Large SOLARFOCUS woodchip boiler in UK

Cluster-News: January 2012

Solarfocus system partner "Oxford Renewables" installed a 120 kW woodchip heating boiler in "Braziers Park" in County Oxfordshire, Great Britain. Two cascade woodchip boilers (2 x 60 kW) together with a 3,000 l buffer storage provide heat for the main and two subsidiary buildings. Solarfocus' products dispose of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), the ETL certificate (Energy Technology List) and fulfil the requirements of the Clean Air Act.


Innovation award for SOLARFOCUS octoplus

Cluster-News: April 2011

The new pellet boiler octoplus by Solarfocus has recently received the innovation award "Energie Genie 2011". It combines solar and biomass technology into a fully automatic system. It includes a pellet burner and 500 l buffer storage with solar accumulator. The advantages of the system are its high efficiency (94 %), compactness (1 m2 set-up area), simple hydraulic integration, an innovative control system, easy operability and a generously dimensioned, removable ash box.


Solarfocus pellet barbecue "grillinator"

Cluster-News: April 2011

Solarfocus opens the summer season by presenting a pellet barbecue. It is called grillinator and works like a pellet stove. It provides constant heat to avoid burnt spots. The grillinator is the result of a transatlantic cooperation between Solarfocus and its US distributor Woodmaster.


OEC goes USA

Cluster-News: May 2010

Several of the OEC partners are currently starting their market activities in the United States, some of them have already formed partnerships with US companies or founded subsidiaries:

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