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Neveon Austria
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Daniel Scherhammer MSc
Product Manager
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Manufacturer in Upper Austria
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Manufacture of flexible and composite polyurethane foams


Business areas:

"Living & Care" (mattresses, upholstered furniture and health applications)

"Mobility" (Automotive, Aviation, Railway and Maritime) and

"Specialties" (boiler insulation, acoustic solutions, filter foams, special packaging, sports applications and various other special applications)


Greiner PURtec: insulation for energy efficiency class A

Cluster-News: January 2018

Greiner PURtec presents a solution that enables achieving the thermal efficiency class A for hot water storage tanks <500 litres. Based on the Neodul® insulation, the introduction of a combination of various high-performance insulation materials at certain energy-efficiency weak points permits a significant increase in efficiency. 


Greiner PURtec: Patented boiler insulation system

Cluster-News: November 2016

Greiner Purtec's boiler insulation system has been granted a patent for the "unit envelop as well as assembling method for this unit". The system features interlocking parts that ensure easy assembly. No adhesive is required in the outer shell or for mounting it onto the boiler. In addition, the clips and springs commonly used to join individual parts are not needed.


Greiner PURtec: insulations are "ErP ready"

Cluster-News: November 2015

Within the EU, the new ecodesign directive for energy-related products (ErP) applies to all hot water production and storage system. Greiner PURtec's helps adapt products to the new requirements thanks to their product lines Neodul® and Symbio®. Furthermore, Greiner PURtec offers system solutions for boiler insulation. An overall concept including mineral wool of uniform quality and thickness and the combination of stamped and cut parts allows to reduce assembly time and lifecycle costs of the insulation.


Greiner PURtec boiler insulation

Cluster-News: May 2015

Greiner PURtec has expanded its product range to include boiler insulation in various insulation thicknesses and thermal conductivities. The insulation can be custom-made, packaged and delivered according to clients’ individual needs. Various mineral wool qualities with fiberglass-laminated surface are available. Boiler and storage tank insulation from Greiner PURtec is currently being used, among others, by ETA Heiztechnik.


Greiner purtec: Thermodul®LB Insulation

Cluster-News: January 2014

The Thermodul®LB storage insulation, which is used for thermal insulation of hot water storage tanks,  is composed of a 100 mm insulating layer made of EPS and polyester nonwoven fabric, a flexible outer layer, an extra strong zipper, a 100 mm thick lid insulation and insulated connections. This product offers the advantages of being easy to install and to use, and it looks like rigid foam insulation. The product will only be available for series production.

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