Muggenhumer Energiesysteme

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Muggenhumer Energiesysteme
Trattnachtalstraße 9
A-4710 Grieskirchen
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Ing. Thomas Muggenhumer
Managing director heating and ventilation
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Installer (heating/ventilation/electric)
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Products & services

Installer and planner of building services for:

- Biomass heating systems

- Solar thermal systems

- Heat pumps

- Photovoltaic systems

- Ventilation systems

- Controlled living space ventilation

- Main focus on passive houses and low energy buildings

Muggenhumer Energiesysteme
Muggenhumer Energiesysteme

Muggenhumer & KNV: slinky ground collector goes international

Cluster-News: July 2018

The slinky ground collector developed by Muggenhumer Energietechnik and KNV Energietechnik is now also exported to Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. The collector enables the use of geothermal energy with a similar cost level as air heat systems. It also permits individual planning and simple installation.

Muggenhumer Energiesysteme

Muggenhumer & KNV: "EnergieGenie" for a horizontal slinky ground collector

Cluster-News: January 2018

Muggenhumer Energiesysteme and its partners were awarded the "EnergieGenie" for its new geothermal heat concept with a so-called slinky ground collector. The product is a further development of the classic horizontal ground collector for heat pumps. The earth stores the warmth transmitted by the sun during the summer. In November, the highest annual average temperatures are reached at just a few meters depth. A plastic hose - filled with a mixture of water and organic-antifreeze - then provides these temperatures to the house in winter via a heat pump. The shape of the collector adapts to any property.

Muggenhumer Energiesysteme

An energy independent farm building

Cluster-News: May 2010

The HVAC installer Muggenhumer received the "Energy Genius" award for this 100 % renewable farm building:
- a 25 m² solar thermal system for hot water production
  and heat support
- a high-efficiency, fully automatic 35 kW wood chip
  heating system (using wood from the owner's forest)
- a controlled heat recovery system
- a 4.68 kW photovoltaic system
- triple glazed windows
- ecologic insulation materials such as bales of straw
  and perlites
- high efficiency heat circulation pumps

Muggenhumer Energiesysteme
Energiesparverband OÖ
Landstrasse 45
​​​​​​​A-4020 Linz, Austria

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