LASCO Heutechnik

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LASCO Heutechnik
Scherschham 14
A-5221 Lochen am See
Contact person
Florian Gollob
Head of marketing
Company information
Company type :
Manufacturer in Upper Austria
Founding year:
Export rate:
61 %
Products & services

- Forced-air heating (pellets and wood chips) 50 - 2,500 kW

- Mobile hot air generator

- Log wood stoves

LASCO Heutechnik
LASCO Heutechnik
LASCO Heutechnik GmbH Cluster-News: July 2018

Manufacturer in Upper Austria: Forced-air heating (pellets and wood chips) 50 - 2,500 kW, mobile hot air generator, log wood stoves

LASCO Heutechnik
LandriTherm: Ski flying World Cup at Kulm and Davos Cluster-News: November 2016

LandriTherm warm air heaters were installed in tents at the ski flying World Cup at Kulm in January. The EnergieGenie LA 150 P, which operates on pellets, won 2 awards in 2015 and was also used at other large events such as at the "World Economic Forum" in Davos. The LA 50 P used at Kulm has a capacity of 50 kW.

LASCO Heutechnik
EnergieGenie prize: Lasco LA150P warm air heater Cluster-News: May 2015

The pellet-fuelled warm air heater from Lasco has an output of 150 kW and 9,000 m3 of air per hour. This heating system is especially suitable for halls, plant nurseries, stables and drying buildings, and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to oil and gas air heaters.

LASCO Heutechnik
Lasco Heutechnik GmbH Cluster-News: May 2015

Production and distribution of warm air heaters (fuelled with pellets and wood chips), biomass and electric portable heat blowers and wood stoves.

LASCO Heutechnik
Energiesparverband OÖ
Landstrasse 45
​​​​​​​A-4020 Linz, Austria

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+43 732 / 7720-14380

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