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Bruck 7
A-4722 Peuerbach
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Ing. Walter Wagner
Export Manager
Manuel Kieslinger
Company information
Company type :
Manufacturer in Upper Austria
Founding year:
ISO 9001
Export rate:
80 %
Products & services

Production and sales of:

- Pellet boilers (2 kW - 1 MW)

- Wood chip boilers (2 kW - 1 MW)

- Log wood boilers (20 - 50 kW)

- Energy grain boilers (7 - 75 kW)

- Buffer storage


Guntamatic: biomass hybrid systems and e-filter technology

Cluster-News: July 2018

In combination with PV and electric vehicles, Guntamatic's "Hybrid" pellet heat pump offers homeowners a high degree of independence and contribution to environmental protection. Hybrid log wood heat pumps offer convenience to farmers with PV systems. Furthermore, Guntamatic now also offers its pellet, log wood and wood chips systems with electrostatic precipitator technology.
In addition, Guntamatic developed the new hybrid pellet heat pumps "BMK Hybrid" (for 1/2 m wood logs) and "Bio Hybrid" (for 1/3 m wood logs and smaller buildings).


Guntamatic: 5.5 MW pellet plant in Strasbourg

Cluster-News: July 2018

Guntamatic delivered 22 modular block units with a total capacity of 5.5 MW to Strasbourg (250 kW per module), where 1,500 apartments and 90,000 m² of living space are now heated with biomass. In this flagship project, oil and gas boilers were dismantled and replaced by low-noise and efficient modular pellet boilers. 25,000 kg of pellets are consumed daily, corresponding to savings of 15-20 million litres of heating oil over 10 years.


Guntamatic: "Energy Genius" award for its pellet heat pump

Cluster-News: November 2016

Guntamatic has developed the "Hybrid" pellet heat pump – a combination of a pellet boiler and a heat pump. This product combines pellets, ambient heat and electricity. This technology balances the efficiency of the pellet heater and the economic viability of a heat pump. The intelligent management system automatically adjusts the system to the most economical or efficient operational mode, depending on the homeowners preferences.


Guntamatic: increase in turnover and new design

Cluster-News: November 2015

Guntamatic maintains its quality standards with its strongly modular technologies allowing high annual efficiency rates. The new system design also helps to represent the company's technical competence and the high quality of their products. Despite the current challenging market situation, Guntamatic has succeeded to significantly increase sales on individual markets, for example England.


EnergieGenie 2014 for Guntamatic

Cluster-News: May 2014

Guntamatic was honored with the innovation award "EnergieGenie" for its PRO industrial biomass heating plant concept. The "EnergieGenie" award by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and the region of Upper Austria was presented at the opening of the Energiesparmesse in Wels. The modular design of the PRO Series offers flexibility of use in a capacity range of 75 to 1,000 kW. The presence of industrial step grate technology permits optimum gasification of pellets and wood chips, achieving an efficiency of up to 94%.


Guntamatic expands production yet again

Cluster-News: January 2014

Guntamatic is undertaking another extension of its production facility in Peuerbach. The expansion includes a new 5.000 m² production hall, extensive automated manufacturing technology, a 1.000 m² heating plant and an ultra-modern training and office section. Maintaining production within the company’s headquarters in Austria remains a principal component of their corporate philosophy.


Guntamatic enlarges production facilities

Cluster-News: January 2012

Guntamatic Heiztechnik has implemented the next step in improving its production site: enlarging the fully automated sheet metal manufacturing and combining it with a driverless transport system, Guntamatic continues to ensure high quality production. Guntamatic biomass boilers and buffer cylinders are manufactured in Peuerbach, Upper Austria, and distributed all over Europe.


OEC goes USA

Cluster-News: May 2010

Several of the OEC partners are currently starting their market activities in the United States, some of them have already formed partnerships with US companies or founded subsidiaries:


A pellet boiler which can be mounted on the wall by Guntamatic

Cluster-News: May 2010

Guntamatic has developed a very compact pellet appliance which is small and light enough to be mounted on a wall. The pellet device has only 150 kg and is 50 cm deep. It has very low emissions and an efficiency of more than 95 %. The pellet appliance includes a patented cyclone combustion system with a capacity range between 2 - 7 kW and is therefore especially suitable for low energy and passive buildings, pre-fabricated and refurbished homes.


Guntamatic erweitert Produktionswerk

Cluster-News: September 2009

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