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Solarpark 1
A-4351 Saxen
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Ronald Gattringer
Managing director
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Manufacturer in Upper Austria
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50 %
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Producer and wholesaler for:

- Solar panels

- Photovoltaics

- Hybrid collectors

- Storage solutions

- Assembly systems, accessories

- Control and monitoring



- Project conception and planning

- Financing and contracting

- Funding processing

- Assembly and installation

- Construction coordination

- Management and operating

- Maintenance and repairs


Gasokol: new "Solar One Energy Collector"

Cluster-News: July 2018

Together with 3F Solar, the company Gasokol presented the "Solar One Energy Collector". This patented hybrid system combines PV and solar thermal technologies. One unit of this collector offers a capacity of 265 Wp electrical and 825 W heat.


Gasokol: "Energiestar" award

Cluster-News: January 2018

Union Humer Ansfelden was awarded the "Energiestar" in the category for its 442 m² fully solar-heated sports club. A 54 m² thermal solar system from Gasokol supplies a 170 m³ concrete heat storage tank. 


Gasokol: approval for market in Dubai

Cluster-News: November 2015

Gasokol has obtained market authorisation in Dubai and is now extending its market to many Arabic regions including Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar. Following an elaborate examination procedure, Gasokol received a certificate with licence for the market in Dubai. Thereby, the audit procedure has been successfully completed.


GASOKOL panels for 100 % solar energy industrial buildings

Cluster-News: May 2015

1,410 m2 gigaSol OR solar collectors from GASOKOL in conjunction with building structure heat storage technology provide 100 % solar heating for the 7,700 m² production facilities of the company Habau in Perg. The harvested solar heat is also used as process heat. The solar thermal energy is transferred to a central buffer storage system by high efficiency pumps and high performance solar heat exchangers.


Gasokol large-area collector "gigaSol OR"

Cluster-News: January 2014

Gasokol is expanding its product line of large-area collectors with the new gigaSol OR ("on-roof"), a roof-mounted and free-standing collector with a highly selective full copper absorber. The gigaSol OR collector will be offered in a size of 2.22 m² to 11.07 m². The collector’s double-walled and powder-coated aluminium frame and the precisely-welded corner joints provide stability. GigaSol OR is particularly suitable for application in the field of solar concrete core activation systems.


Gasokol: Hydronic fireplace inserts

Cluster-News: July 2012

Gasokol Austria now offers hydronic inserts for wood log fireplaces, which supply hot water to support the main heating system. The inserts are made of cast iron with ceramic plates and achieve efficiencies of up to 86 %. Combined with solar collectors and a storage system, the "solar fireplace system" can cover up to 100 % of a household's hot water demand.


Gasokol goes to Brazil

Cluster-News: January 2012

Sao Paulo is Gasokol's first destination for distributing their solar collectors in South America. 10 thermosiphon collectors "heatPipe INOX 110" were recently delivered to Brazil. Gasokol will use this first step in the South American market and expand in cooperation with local partners. The thermosiphon system produces hot water requiring very little outside energy. Systems are easy to install.


OEC goes USA

Cluster-News: May 2010

Several of the OEC partners are currently starting their market activities in the United States, some of them have already formed partnerships with US companies or founded subsidiaries:

Energiesparverband OÖ
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