Energiewerkstatt Verein

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Energiewerkstatt Verein
Heiligenstatt 23
A-5211 Friedburg
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DI Andreas Krenn
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Ing. Thomas Wölfler
Managing Director
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Consultancy/planning company
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Products & services

- Wind measurement up to 180 m height

- Sodar and lidar measurements

- Wind and risk assessments

- Due diligences

- Design and planning of wind farms, project developments

- Research in the wind energy sector

Energiewerkstatt Verein
Energiewerkstatt Verein

Energiewerkstatt Verein: webcams for monitoring wind turbines

Cluster-News: July 2018

The Energiewerkstatt association provides the HQWindCam 3.0 for the monitoring of measuring systems. The camera has been used in projects under extreme conditions and has been successfully tested for wind energy. In many applications, the high-resolution picture quality is an advantage. For applications with other optical requirements (wind farm panoramas, construction site supervision) the option of long exposure is available.

Energiewerkstatt Verein

Verein Energiewerkstatt: Launch of research project "R.ICE"

Cluster-News: November 2016

The project "R.ICE - Risk Analysis for the Impact of Ice Formation on Wind Turbines" - was launched. The project is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund. In addition to the development of an "ice-atlas" for Austria and the observation of icefall occurrence by means of innovative imaging methods, measures and guidelines leading to a verifiable reduction of the risk of icefall will be developed.

Energiewerkstatt Verein

Energiewerkstatt: Breaking ground for the wind farm Munderfing

Cluster-News: January 2014

The ground breaking ceremony for the Munderfing wind farm took place recently. Five wind turbines with a total capacity of 15 MW are being erected and are scheduled to come into operation in the spring of 2014. The municipality owns three quarters of the wind farm. The remaining quarter is owned by Energiewerkstatt GmbH. Energiewerkstatt Consulting GmbH is managing the project.

Energiewerkstatt Verein

OEC in the USA – Energiewerkstatt

Cluster-News: October 2010

  • Energiewerkstatt is a consulting and planning company specialised in wind energy projects. They have founded the "EWS Consulting Corp." in Chicago as a 100 % affiliate. Currently they are exploring the opportunities to expand their business activities to Canada.
  • EWS Consulting offers advanced wind measurement solutions which reduce the uncertainties in the energy yield prediction of wind turbines with hub heights in excess of 100 meters, including "LIDAR" ("light detection and ranging") and "SONAR" ("sonic detection and ranging").

    Energiewerkstatt Verein
    Energiesparverband OÖ
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