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ASiC - Austria Solar Innovation Center
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DI Dr. Gerald Steinmaurer
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- Research institute for solar thermal energy and photovoltaics


ASiC brings research funds to Upper Austria Cluster-News: November 2015

ASiC launches four new research projects: In two projects, different sensors for new innovative storage technologies will be developed (projects Sen-Sor and StoreITup-IF). One project focuses on the creation of a home energy-management system in conjunction with heat pumps and electricity storage (EStore-M). The forth project works on processes to dry concrete with solar energy (Hydrasol).

ASiC: International Collaboration "Solar Cooling" Cluster-News: January 2014

A new collaboration is being realised between ASiC and the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSES), at the Australian National University in Canberra. Together, they aim to promote the international dissemination of solar cooling. The combination of the Australian scientists’ competence in the field of high-temperature concentrated solar collectors and Austria’s existing know-how in the field of cooling units makes up for a promising collaboration.

ASiC: Sensors for innovative thermal storage technologies Cluster-News: July 2013

In the frame of the research project "SenThermS", the ASiC works on the development of measuring sensors for current and future heat storage technologies, including phase change materials, sorption and thermochemical storages. Local volumetric solvent methods for thermometry are developed for water reservoirs which enable measurements with fewer sensors. This offers benefits especially for large-scale storages.

ASiC: Solar heating and cooling Cluster-News: December 2012

The Austrian Solar Innovation Centre is a research institution for thermal solar energy and photovoltaics. Research focuses on innovative solutions for solar heating and cooling, electric and storage solutions for solar energy, large solar thermal plants and the optimisation of solar collectors. In a current project called FlowTCS, a granular, thermo-chemical accumulator material is developed to realise compact loss-free solar thermal accumulators. Another project focuses on the research of sensor technologies for heat storage.

ASiC: New research projects Cluster-News: July 2012

The Austria Solar Innovation Centre ASiC manages three new projects:

  • "InsolTec" explores non-destructive testing methods for the solar sector together with two project partners.
  • "Sensors for innovative thermal storage technologies"
  • "Loss-free solar storage through thermo-chemical granular-flow-materials" develops a granular thermo-chemical storage material and a new process concept to make compact and loss-free solar thermal storage systems possible.

Energiesparverband OÖ
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