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Sunlumo Technology GmbH
Technologiepark 17
4320 Perg


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Ing. Robert Buchinger
Managing Director
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Consultancy/planning company, Research and educational institution
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90 %
Products & services

- R&D in the field of solar thermal energy

- Industrial Design

- International Consulting

- Auditors for Solar Keymark

- Trade with environmental technology goods

Sunlumo: training campaign in India Cluster-News: July 2018

Sunlumo and its partner ADS Projects & Systems are introducing PV*SOL® in India. PV*SOL® is a software for the design and optimisation of PV systems. Employees are trained for green and solar jobs. The software is used to precisely calculate self-consumption rates as well as to optimise and visualise PV installations.

IPMT: research initiative "SolPol" Cluster-News: January 2018

Under the direction of JKU Linz, the "SolPol" research initiative deals with the topic of plastic innovation for solar technology. The international cooperation between 19 companies and 10 scientific partners is based on the potential of networking in the field of solar and plastic technologies. Technological developments that have already been implemented in product innovations were presented during a press conference.

Sunlumo: special award "VERENA" Cluster-News: January 2018

Sunlumo won the "VERENA" special award for best energy innovation for its "one-world solar system". The company developed the collector in cooperation with the Institute for Polymeric Materials and Testing of the JKU.

Solar Keymark certification for Sunlumos plastic collectors OEC-News: November 2016

Sunlumo's One World Solar Collector has received the Solar Keymark certification, a Europe-wide quality certification. The collector was tested according to the norm EN 12975 and subjected to production quality control. Furthermore, the collector has been nominated for the federal "Ecodesign" award. Sunlumo has already received the German national "Ecodesign" award in the category "product" for its One World Solar Collector. The company has also won the Green Product Award 2016 in the category "Consumer Electronics".

Sunlumo: turn-key factories for plastic collectors OEC-News: November 2015

Sunlumo provides turn-key factories with different levels of automation for the One World Solar Collector. Factories are available in a production capacity range of 100 to 350 MWth. The pilot series of the 100 % plastic collector has been successfully realised: the collector upheld nearly double the required standard load during AIT tests (Austrian Institute of Technology). Sunlumo is also conducting research on components for plastic pumps. The aim is to develop cost-effective pump systems out of plastic for solar systems.

Sunlumo: World premiere of the "One World Solar Collector" OEC-News: May 2015

Sunlumo celebrated the world premiere of its "one world solar collector" at Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Sunlumo started its R&D efforts five years ago with the aim of developing a solar thermal system entirely made of polymeric materials that can be manufactured on a fully automated production line. Investors are invited to visit Sunlumo in Perg.

Sunlumo sells simulation software in Asia & Africa OEC-News: May 2014

Sunlumo offers simulation programmes for PV and solar thermal systems. Products are available in India, Japan and southern African countries. Sunlumo’s partner ADS Projects & Systems Pvt. Ltd. looks after the on-site training for the Valentin solar energy simulation software.

Sunlumo: Activities in China und at IEA OEC-News: January 2014

Sunlumo opened its second office in China. With its new locations in Hangzhou, one of the major economic centres of the country, Sunlumo can now offer optimal support to its customers and partners in Southern China and Hong Kong.

Sunlumo is working on Task 39 of the IEA’s Solar Heating and Cooling Programme. At a meeting Sunlumo presented the current status of the “Eine-Welt-Solar-Kollektors”.

Sunlumo: Production start "One World Solar Collector" OEC-News: July 2013

The pilot production of the "One World Solar Collector" will start this summer. The innovative collector panel is made of 100 % plastics, it can be easily integrated to any solar system, is heat-proof and resistant to climatic influences, and is recyclable if necessary. With its modular design, it can provide heating and domestic hot water.

Sunlumo with new offices in India and the USA OEC-News: July 2013

Sunlumo increases its internationalisation activities and opened - after a new subsidiary in Mumbai - also a new office in San Diego. The company now runs own offices in Austria, China, India and the USA. Sunlumo offers a competent platform for knowledge transfer and liaises between potential business partners, both suppliers and clients, in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Sunlumo: China expansion OEC-News: July 2012

Sunlumo opened an own office located in the Hyundai Motor Tower in Peking. This will allow them to be much closer to their clients and be able to react quicker to special requests of business partners. Associate Markus Barek manages the Sunlumo office in China. China is world-wide market leader in solar thermal energy. In 2011, China declared renewable energy as a national key issue.

Sunlumo: One World Solar Collector OEC-News: January 2012

Sunlumo has finalised its concept for its "One World Solar Collector". The innovative product is made of 100 % plastics. It can be produced cost-effectively, it is very light-weight, easy to mount and recyclable. Sunlumo is inviting investors to get involved in the implementation of this research and development work. In cooperation with a leading European mechanical engineering company, they are granting licenses for the production.