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Internorm International GmbH
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Christian Neuherz
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55 %
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Internorm: sales growth and digitalisation Cluster-News: July 2018

Internorm International once again recorded significant growth in the 2017 financial year. Sales increased by 3 %, reaching 331 million Euro, and incoming orders increased by 4 %. In the new financial year, Internorm is again investing around 24 million Euro. One focus is on digitalisation: sales documents will be enriched with augmented reality and virtual reality will be introduced at trade fairs.

Internorm: 15 million windows Cluster-News: July 2018

The company's 15-millionth window was produced at the site in Upper Austria - meaning around half a million newly built or renovated single-family houses have been equipped with Internorm windows. Internorm has also taken over 80 % of the Finnish window and door manufacturer Skaala Oy. With sales of approximately 95 million Euro, Skaala is the leader in the Finnish window market. The company currently employs around 550 people.

Internorm: burglar protection with the KF 500 Cluster-News: January 2018

The KF 500 window from Internorm offers additional security. The plastic and plastic/aluminium window system is equipped with the I-tec locking mechanism and is in line with the resistance class RC2N. Instead of conventional locking pins, a hatch secures locking of the window sash to the frame.

Internorm: "Energy Genius" award for HF 410 OEC-News: November 2016

Internorm was awarded the "Energy Genius 2016" prize for its timber/aluminium HF 410 window which consists of an interior frame made of wood and an exterior frame made of aluminium separated by Internorm's I-tec core technology. This construction enables larger dimensioning of windows without compromising thermal properties. The I-tec core technology consists of thin, bonded layers of wood in the core. Furthermore, Internorm presents its products in its new flagship store in Vienna.

Internorm records Europe-wide growth OEC-News: November 2016

Internorm recorded once more Europe-wide growth for the 2015 fiscal year. The strongest performance was achieved in the UK/Ireland, Germany, France and Switzerland, followed by the home market of Austria. A significant increase in orders permitted the company to achieve a 4% higher turnover rate than the previous year. Internorm plans to invest 15 million euro in 2016.

IFN/Internorm acquires Danish window manufacturer OEC-News: November 2015

IFN Holding expands in Northern Europe. The company acquired 75 % of the shares of Kastrup Vinduet Holding ApS, making it the majority shareholder of the fourth largest Danish window and door manufacturer. From Denmark, IFN has an advantageous position for targeting the Nordic market. The acquisition will also impact the British market: thanks to Kastrup's product portfolio, Internorm now provides a complete range of products.

New I-tec fan from Internorm OEC-News: May 2015

With the new I-tec fan from Internorm, indoor spaces are ventilated in a demand-based, convenient and energy efficient manner. The ventilation system is fully integrated in the structure of the window frame. With the I-tec system ventilation can be controlled individually for each room. The all-glass window system PANORAMA HX 300 enables the window frames to be hidden almost entirely in the wall or floor, thereby permitting large-scale, continuous glazing (single-glass surfaces of up to 10.5 m²).

Internorm: a new passive house office building in Traun OEC-News: January 2014

Internorm and its parent company IFN bring their new office building in Traun into operation. The new, four-level construction that offers a floor space of 2,000 m² connects two previously existing office buildings from the 70s and 80s. High-efficiency windows, a sun protection system with daylight regulation, concrete core temperature control and an LED lighting concept contribute to achieving the level of energy efficiency requirement according to passive house standards.