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EWS: new service "DeCarb" Cluster-News: July 2018

The EWS offers new services that help companies with climate protection. EWS supports companies in establishing their corporate carbon footprint and is available to answer questions about carbon accounting, company climate policy and carbon neutrality. With these services, EWS brings the objective of achieving complete decarbonisation of all business sectors by 2040 in the forefront.

Partner: EWS Consulting GmbH

Wels Strom: e-car sharing in residential complexes Cluster-News: July 2018

Wels Strom GmbH, together with TRIO Development, is playing a pioneering role in the field of e-car sharing in residential complexes. The company will realise its first project for a condominium in Upper Austria in the near future.

Partner: eww Gruppe

Linz Energieservice: "EnergyCube" Cluster-News: July 2018

The "EnergyCube" from Linz-Energieservice is a mobile monitoring system for companies and public bodies/organisations for measuring, visualising and analysing data. It is equipped with sensors, records data after connection to a power supply (Plug & Play) and transmits it via GSM to any internet-enabled device. The indoor climate as well as the lighting in office, storage or production areas can be controlled and the heating and ventilation can be adapted.
Furthermore, Linz-Energieservice implemented an innovative lighting system for the residential building project "Grüne Mitte Linz". The lighting system is only lit when people are present in the park or on the paths (reduction of energy consumption of 67 %).

Partner: Linz Energieservice GmbH - LES

Frauscher Thermal Motors: technical centre inaugurated/opened Cluster-News: July 2018

Frauscher Thermal Motors opened a technical centre in April 2018. Since 2001, Frauscher has been conducting research on all types of Stirling engines. The Stirling technology makes it possible to use sewage gas, landfill gas as well as wood and biogas for electricity generation. The new technical centre offers almost 2,000 m² for the production and testing of engines with external combustion, in a focus on reducing the waste of resources.

Partner: Frauscher Thermal Motors GmbH

Ecotherm: solar steam generation Cluster-News: July 2018

Ecotherm offers a complete solar steam generation system for industry that permits a reduction of up to 30 % of the oil and gas consumption of existing steam boilers. Moving mirrors concentrate the incoming solar radiation on to the receiver. Motors allow the mirrors to track the movement of the sun. The water in the receiver vaporises. Steam of up to 250 °C can be generated and integrated into existing steam systems. In addition, Ecotherm also offers a new high-performance flat-plate heat exchanger with high peak capacity and a large heat exchange surface.

Partner: Ecotherm Austria GmbH

Solarfocus: new pellet elegance condensing boiler Cluster-News: July 2018

Solarfocus developed the pelletelegance condensing boiler (10 - 24 kW). The condensing module, a stainless steel heat exchanger located at the rear of the boiler, removes heat from the boiler flue gas until a condensate is generated that can be drained away. Features of this technology include a very high efficiency (up to 104 %), reduced fuel costs and lower emissions. The condensing module is optional and can be installed separately.
In addition, Solarfocus developed the air heat pump vampair. Particular emphasis was placed on low-noise technology and efficiency.


BlueSky Energy: extension saltwater electricity storage Cluster-News: July 2018

BlueSky Energy's saltwater storage system Greenrock has been further developed into a complete solution with an energy management system. It increased independence through off-grid operation, integration of different electricity producers, targeted control of predefined consumptions and electric charging stations. Various energy producers can be integrated into the energy management system. A 24 kWh Greenrock storage system was installed in a Swedish school. In addition, a 12 kWh storage system supplies a training centre in southern Ghana.

Partner: BlueSky Energy GmbH

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