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Internorm: "Energy Genius" award for HF 410 OEC-News: November 2016

Internorm was awarded the "Energy Genius 2016" prize for its timber/aluminium HF 410 window which consists of an interior frame made of wood and an exterior frame made of aluminium separated by Internorm's I-tec core technology. This construction enables larger dimensioning of windows without compromising thermal properties. The I-tec core technology consists of thin, bonded layers of wood in the core. Furthermore, Internorm presents its products in its new flagship store in Vienna.

Partner: Internorm International GmbH

Solarfocus: "Energy Genius" award for fresh water module OEC-News: November 2016

The fresh water module FWMautark from Solarfocus was awarded the "Energy Genius" prize. This product does not require electricity to operate. The generation of hot water is possible due to the pressure in the line and a cold water turbine that is directly connected to the pump. As a result, a constant hot water temperature is achieved even in time of fluctuating volumes of withdrawal and different temperature in the buffer storage.


Guntamatic: "Energy Genius" award for its pellet heat pump OEC-News: November 2016

Guntamatic has developed the "Hybrid" pellet heat pump – a combination of a pellet boiler and a heat pump. This product combines pellets, ambient heat and electricity. This technology balances the efficiency of the pellet heater and the economic viability of a heat pump. The intelligent management system automatically adjusts the system to the most economical or efficient operational mode, depending on the homeowners preferences.

Partner: GUNTAMATIC Heiztechnik GmbH

Energie AG: High-temperature process heat plant OEC-News: November 2016

The Energie AG Power Solutions has commissioned a high-temperature process heat plant combined with geothermal district heating (investment 3.2 million euro). The plant supplies, the ski manufacturer Fischer Sports, FACC, a manufacturer of aircraft components, and Benteler-SGL with heat for their production and space heating. The installed capacity of the plant is 14 MW, heat generation is 37 million kWh per year. 49 % of the heat is supplied by geothermal energy.

Partner: Energie AG Oberösterreich Power Solutions GmbH

Ziegelwerk Eder: Solid brick innovation OEC-News: November 2016

In recent years, Ziegelwerk Eder has invested around 3.5 million euros in research and facilities for its new solid brick. The specially optimised brick shell is filled with pure mineral wool flakes without any additives or binders. The brick is available with a U-value of 0.12 W/m²K (50 cm thick) or a U-value of 0.16 W/m²K (38 cm thick).

Partner: Ziegelwerk Eder GmbH & Co KG

Fronius Energy Package Powerwall OEC-News: November 2016

The Fronius Energy Package Powerwall, developed in close collaboration with Tesla Energy, allows the storage of on-site generated PV electricity. When little or no electricity is generated by the PV-system, the owner can access and use the stored electricity in the Powerwall. The storage solution enables an increase of the self-consumption ratio. Fronius was awarded the "Energy Genius" innovation award for its "Energy Package" system.

Partner: Fronius International GmbH

Capatect: "Silent Hemp" a new facing insulation OEC-News: November 2016

Capatect develops "Silent Hemp", a new facing insulation. This product provides an environmentally-friendly acoustic and thermal insulation for building interiors for soundproofing and generating a pleasant living environment. Application areas for "Silent Hemp" are partitioning walls between apartments or between apartments and staircases in buildings with increased sound dampening requirements.
With the insulation board "Hemp Wall", Capatect shows that the natural insulation material is also well-suited for protection against summer overheating of buildings.

Partner: Capatect Baustoffindustrie GmbH

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