International activities

ÖkoFEN subsidiary in France OEC-News: May 2015

ÖkoFEN opened its new French headquarters near Albertville. With the relocation to Saint Baldoph, ÖkoFEN France doubles its warehouse space to 1,700 m². This allows an improvement of services for installation partners and reduces the delivery time by half. In addition to the large warehouse space, the new location offers a total of 600 m2 of office, training and exhibition rooms.

Partner: ÖkoFEN Pelletsheizung

Solarfocus European sales centre in Lorsch/Germany OEC-News: May 2015

The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new Solarfocus distribution center in Lorsch took place on 17 September 2014. The new building, which is being erected on the 4,100 m² site, will comprise 1,000 m² for offices and a training centre and 1,000 m² that will serve as warehouse for exhibition material, service parts and spare parts. Once in full operation, 40 employees will be active at this location.


CONA in Poland – the 18th country with solar drying OEC-News: May 2015

CONA installed the first solar wood chip drying plant in Poland. The system was jointly planned and implemented with a Polish company. The solar wood chip drying plant has a peak capacity of 86 kW and consists of 120 m² solar panels and two drying chambers able to hold 90 m³ each. An entire truckload of wood chips can be dried in each compartment. The plant can dry around 2000 m³ of wood chips per year.

Partner: CONA Entwicklungs- und Handels GmbH

Ecotherm successful in the UK and Norway OEC-News: May 2015

A customised, turnkey Ecotherm hot water boiler package was delivered to an industrial plant in Norway. The project was carried out and managed by Lenox Systems Ltd, Ecotherms franchisee in the UK. The system consists of a pre-assembled and pre-wired hot water boiler with a patented Ecotherm shell and tube heat exchanger with free floating turbulator rods.

Partner: Ecotherm Austria GmbH

Gilles biomass boilers in Tipperary/Ireland OEC-News: May 2015

A Gilles biomass boiler was put into operation in the Erasmus Smith House in Tipperary (Ireland). The boiler features an output of 45 kW and is equipped with a 1,000 litre buffer storage tank. The overall cost of the project amounted to 40,000 Euro and was 50 % subsidised. The Tipperary Energy Agency is a tenant in this prestigious building. The use of biomass permits a 50 % reduction of the heating costs (compared to the cost of heating with oil).

Partner: GILLES Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co KG

OEC welcomed a delegation from Vermont OEC-News: May 2015

The region of Upper Austria and the State of Vermont have signed a cooperation agreement on the topic of sustainable energy. A high-level delegation of 10 experts, coordinated by the Vermont Energy Investment Cooperation, visited Upper Austria. The Oekoenergie-Cluster organised a comprehensive programme of meetings and technical site visits on the subject of heating with biomass.

OEC-Link: Oekoenergie-Cluster

FH Wels: New master programme in Sustainable Energy Systems OEC-News: May 2015

The new master's programme "Sustainable Energy Systems", is now offered in English at the University of Applied Science of Upper Austria (FH Wels). It provides students with comprehensive knowledge in the fields of renewable energy technology and management of energy projects. Furthermore, the replacement of traditional energy systems through sustainable and efficient systems is a main focus in the programme’s curriculum.

Partner: FH OÖ Studienbetriebs GmbH, Fakultät für Technik und Umweltwissenschaften ("FH-Wels")

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