International activities

Guntamatic: 5.5 MW pellet plant in Strasbourg Cluster-News: July 2018

Guntamatic delivered 22 modular block units with a total capacity of 5.5 MW to Strasbourg (250 kW per module), where 1,500 apartments and 90,000 m² of living space are now heated with biomass. In this flagship project, oil and gas boilers were dismantled and replaced by low-noise and efficient modular pellet boilers. 25,000 kg of pellets are consumed daily, corresponding to savings of 15-20 million litres of heating oil over 10 years.

Partner: GUNTAMATIC Heiztechnik GmbH

Ecotherm: flat-plate project in a hospital in Oman Cluster-News: July 2018

Ecotherm installed 32 thermal solar systems with a total collector surface of 1,336 m2 for the Royal Oman Police Hospital. The average collector area per unit is 42 m2. The plants are equipped with touch-screen control systems and comprise 71 storage tanks with a volume of 750 litres each. A weatherproof Alucobond insulation was developed for 19 of the storage tanks. The reheating is supplied by integrated ceramic heating elements (9 kW per storage tank).

Partner: Ecotherm Austria GmbH

Windhager Germany with a new location Cluster-News: July 2018

The new Windhager headquarters in Gersthofen offers generous consulting and training facilities in modern architecture. Windhager thus sets the course for further growth in the German heating market.

In the company’s expert rounds event series, biomass installers can gain know-how from their peers. So far, around 100 companies have participated in these product and brand neutral events.

Partner: Windhager Zentralheizung GmbH

Internorm: 15 million windows Cluster-News: July 2018

The company's 15-millionth window was produced at the site in Upper Austria - meaning around half a million newly built or renovated single-family houses have been equipped with Internorm windows. Internorm has also taken over 80 % of the Finnish window and door manufacturer Skaala Oy. With sales of approximately 95 million Euro, Skaala is the leader in the Finnish window market. The company currently employs around 550 people.

Partner: Internorm International GmbH

IPMT: "ANSOLE" project partner Cluster-News: July 2018

JKU Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing (IPMT) is a partner in the "ANSOLE" project (African Network for Solar Energy). The aim is to strengthen technical and vocational training in the field of renewable energies. In addition, research activities among African and international scientists, sustainable development and environmental protection in Africa are promoted.

Partner: Universität Linz, Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing (IPMT)

New funding programme in Upper Austria: "Cleantech reference technologies on export markets" Cluster-News: July 2018

The aim is to support partner companies of the Cleantech-Cluster to develop new markets. The programme supports the first sales of a product to a new market. So far four projects were supported.


Partner: OÖ Energiesparverband

European Pellet Conference 2019 Cluster-News: July 2018

The European Pellet Conference, the largest annual pellet event worldwide, will take place from 27 – 28 February 2019 in Wels/Austria. Visited by over 450 experts each year, it is the meeting place for the global pellet community. The event delivers latest news about markets, technologies and policies and provides valuable networking opportunities. The conference is held in parallel with the "Energiesparmesse", a leading energy tradeshow with more than 100 pellet-related exhibitors. The European Pellet Conference is organised by the OÖ Energiesparverband as part of the "World Sustainable Energy Days" (WSED), one of Europe’s largest annual conferences in the fields of energy.

Link: World Sustainable Energy Days

Partner: OÖ Energiesparverband

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